Digital Media Management


Break Through the Clutter of Direct Mail with Integrated Marketing Solutions

At GGPMS we can create multi-touch campaigns that will get the attention of your targeted audience. Our project management team combines the power of print, email and pURLs to drive calls to action and increase response.

  • CROSS-MEDIA MARKETING IS VERSATILE AND COST-EFFECTIVE. We can secure an email list that is tied directly to your targeted audience and customize your mail pieces to reach those individuals.
  • TRACKING & REPORTING IS EASY AND AUTOMATED. All touchpoints of a cross-media marketing campaign can be tracked to the exact person in that campaign.


  • These campaigns can utilize email and SMS text in combination with direct mail to INCREASE YOUR ROI.
  • CONFUSED ABOUT PURLS? pURLs are personalized web pages know as URLs. Your customers can easily enter their email address, cell or other information on a webpage so you can seamlessly collect that vital customer data.