Green Printing

Green Printing and Sustainable Practices

Golden Gate Print & Media Services believes strongly in environmental responsibility and is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, eco-friendly and sustainable printing solutions. We are proud to be a designated green printer and Certified Bay Area Green Business, working consistently to reduce waste and conserve resources while delivering top-notch service.

certified green printingOur interest in and dedication to sustainability began long before the recent upsurge in environmental concern. During the 1980s we were selected by several paper companies and suppliers to test and have access to the first post-consumer waste content papers. Today, we still predominantly use recycled and FSC Certified papers; we use exclusively soy and vegetable inks in our offset presses; we recycle all waste materials, conserve energy, reduce waste, and provide safe working conditions for our employees.

Our HP Indigo Digital Press

hp indigo press 5500 printerOur HP Indigo Digital Press is one of the most sustainable printing presses available. It is an entirely closed ink system with no need for chemicals or solvents and no disposal of potential pollutants. There is no need for set-up or make-ready, which saves energy and resources, and because it is an on-demand press we print only what is ordered, thereby reducing paper waste. When sheets are printed that do end up in the recycling bin, Indigo ink is specially formulated for easy de-inking during the recycling process. The Indigo is also ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

Wanna Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

reduce your carbon with green printing
Throughout our traditional offset services, we capture and recycle all inks and solvents, use water-based coatings along with our soy and vegetable inks, and always use low Volatile Organic Chemicals. We strictly manage our paper use and production of overs in an effort to reduce waste, and we recycle all of our aluminum plates, which are made on our chemical-free platemaker.

At Golden Gate Print & Media Services, we understand and support the need for environmental responsibility. We are dedicated to continuing to work toward reducing our carbon footprint while helping you reduce yours. We are proud of our history of sustainable practices and are committed to maintaining our legacy of high quality green printing.