Mission and History

HISTORY: a family-owned business

It started in 1937, a Montgomery Ward employee named Larry Zensen took it upon himself to figure out a way to produce business forms needed for varying uses throughout the store, and thus Form Services was born. Over time, Larry’s knowledge and skills running the small print shop grew, so he expanded to print more types of forms and small-run, 1- or 2-color jobs for other local business. Like many businesses that thrived in the postwar early-1950s, Form Services continued expanding it’s offerings and eventually became more than Larry could run alone. He hired Cliff Asher, a young ex-navyman, as his first employee and pressman.

The two men worked well together, and Cliff showed interest and ability in behind-the-scenes duties and business practices so his role expanded beyond lead pressman. When Larry retired in the mid-1960s, Cliff was the natural choice to take over the business. Over the next two decades, Cliff’s effective business management and foresight took the company to new heights, expanding the company way beyond business forms and into the extensive world of offset lithography. He moved the business to its much larger, current location in an old Safeway building and changed the name to Golden Gate Litho. Shortly after relocating, Don Asher, Cliff’s college-age son, began working at GGL to earn money for college, where he was studying Business. Don started as a basic pressman, learning how to run, clean and maintain the presses. His desire to learn more about printing and the business was clear, so he worked his way through each and every department. He excelled in each area, working quickly and smartly, always figuring out more efficient practices. His commitment to the company and to improving business overall, combined with his education, made him the obvious choice to assume the reigns when the time came for his father to retire.

Since taking ownership in the early-1990s, the world has changed in ways no one could have imagined back when his father ran the show. Don has tirelessly continued building the business to it’s current vibrant state, even as the general print environment has been revolutionized by the internet and online print services. By continually modernizing, expanding technological capabilities, offering more comprehensive services, and maintaining a superior level of customer service and quality, Don has built a thriving printing company that is committed to excellence.